It’s all over!

Since my mother-in-law (MIL) came to stay, I have been restricted to a small layout which sits on the corner of my computer desk and across onto my wife’s dressing table. This has made it very restrictive to use and we have finally decided that it all has to go!

Initially, everything was moved down to our storage room but I have been thinking about my move to British outline, having been a very long term US modeller. Any potential move back to a model railway is dependent on MIL in a very sad way so neither my wife or I are prepared to contemplate what might happen when, eventually, I get my hobby room back. I am not even sure that I want to go back into model railways/railroads at all. Mind you, I am not sure that my current rebirth of interest in making plastic model aircraft will last.

My main hobbies at the moment are plastic model kits, tapestry sewing (where I am currently making a tea cosy for my breakfast coffee pot) and playing the concertina. I have a 20 button Anglo concertina which I use to play mostly music from the 1890s up to the 1950s. It has a restriction, due to its 20 buttons, that it can only play in two keys which means that a lot of the music I like is time consuming to play as it all has to be transposed. I am sorry if this means nothing but…

Given that I don’t know how long it will be before I get my room back and that I even don’t know what I will do in there, I have decided that satisfying my current need for a more capable concertina comes first. This means that I need to raise £750.00 to buy a 30 button equivalent of the 1880 made Lachenal concertina that I currently have.  The only way that I can do this is to sell up all of my carefully acquired N Gauge  stuff. This means that I have 5 locos, one two-car railcar set, an 08 shunter, around 10 coaches and 40 wagons plus 14 points (Peco code 55) and around 20 DCC Concepts point motors to sell. This should raise sufficient for my current needs so I will hang on to my Digitrax Evolution DCC set.

If you are a keen EBayer, watch out for my auctions – my EBay name is penningd. I have 1617 feedbacks with 100% positive so I ship quickly, handle any problems fairly and describe everything accurately.

So, that is it. No more Pennvale Sands; no more blog entries and no more posting on the forums. Check out my other activities on my other blogs:

Gentle Scale Models
David’s Other Hobbies
Ipswich Waterfront Blog

I may see you over there.


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