Ellerby is ready for action

I love laying track and wiring up. It is all done now. The track is down; the wiring is in place; all point motors are wired up; JMRI is configured with “turnouts” and “Routes”. It has all been tested thoroughly and everything works as it should. The whole layout is shown below as a slide show.

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As you can see, it stretches across the side of my computer desk onto my wife’s dressing table. The fiddle yard is attached as and when. The track for the coal drops has been raised by a suitable amount with a fairly gentle gradient but there will be a Class 25 pushing a maximum of five wagons up there so it should be easy.

You may observe that the computer desk is at exactly the same height as the dressing table. What a wonderful coincidence! Well, actually, no. The computer desk is one provided to me by the Open University for my studies and is actually electrically powered so can be raised and lowered as and when. This meant that i could set the height to be level and steady. The fiddle yard is attached to the main board by a short connecting piece of track and the base itself is held firmly in place by a foam core bar that goes through both side and holds it firmly.


As there isn’t much room on the fiddle yard, I have created some storage for my wagons and coaches. using my trusty foam core, I have knocked up some trays using hot glue. Each tray has compartments to hold the type of vehicle to be stored. There are currently three: open wagons; vans; coaches. This will be extended to a further tray for locos as I currently have a few – two 25s, 1 24, 1 37,1 47 and 1 08. There is also a two car 108.

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The ribbon in each compartment helps me get the item out without gripping any of the detail.

My next post will be to describe my process of creating a timetable for one day. In the meantime, I need to explain my choice of rolling stock. As you can tell from my choice of locos, I am basically set in the mid-1960s. So what are grouping vans and private owner open wagons doing here. Well, I only had a tight budget so purchased bulk sets on eBay. I am claiming Rule 1* here. The coaches are in three sets – Stanier Maroon for the local train; Mk1 maroon for the express and a maroon Siphon for express milk traffic to augment the daily milk run to the creamery.

  • Rule 1 – I’ts my railway so I run what I please (actually,I run what I have).
  • Rule 2 – I refer you to Rule 1.

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