Final track plan

I have spent a long time moving track around using AnyRail trying to create a layout that  had Pennvale Sands as a through station with a branch of the main line to Ellerby. I tried many ways to achieve a layout that would have the following main ideas:

  • A branch connection with a bay platform for a DMU
  • Fish shipping traffic from the branch and then on
  • Express holiday trains that terminate at Pennvale
  • Local trains to Carlisle
  • A Roundy-Roundy
  • A through fiddle yard

I wasn’t able to reconcile these so I went back to a terminus but inside the circuit. I found a way that I could run the branch from the terminus across the circuit. I still couldn’t see how to use the fiddle yard if it was at the back. Then, I realised that if I put the fiddle yard on the front, I could use the big hand from the sky to sort out the next trains with ease. The fiddle yard would need to be lower than the rest of the layout to keep it out of direct vision. This turned out to be a good idea because I was able to cut out the use of Cobalt motors for the fiddle yard as I could now operate them using tube and wire.

I was able to take the original layout for Pennvale Sands terminus and place it in the middle of the large circuit (14′ x 2′) with one change. The original design had one arrival road that didn’t have a release loop so I added an extra crossover to the middle relief road. This is how it has ended up. This plan meets all of the above requirements.

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 21.31.01

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 20.59.15

The length of the board being 14′ 6″ means that the fiddle yard tracks at 44″ which is long enough for my double headed class 25 plus 6 coaches which is roughly 42″. I can be extended once partially laid by checking with an actual train.

The station has room for an express, a local and a DMU in the bay.  The goods yard can accept  up to 10 wagon trains. This should be scope for everything that I wanted to do. I have 2 x Class 25, 1 x 24, 1 x 37, a 2 car 108 DMU and 1 class 08 as a local shunter.I am planning on getting a class 47. I have around 36 goods wagons, of which 16 are Fish vans for the Ellerby/Pennvale/Manchester traffic. I have £200.00 left in my budget so I have some scope for more if I find that I have something wrong or am short of something.



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