Making the first baseboard

Because of my arthritis, I can’t bend down below baseboard so I have to make other arrangements. My solution is as follows:

  • A line of B&Q kitchen units with a worktop installed.
  • A1 5mm foam core sheets cut to size taped together with duct tape
  • A lot of 3″ strips of foam core
  • A hot glue gun.

First stages

I had to separate the lower level of the board where the fiddle yard is to be.


The underneath has to be carefully supported to avoid warping and to make the board firm enough to pick up and turn over during wiring and point motor mounting.


As can be seen, the copper tape power bus has already been installed and all the required bracing strips added. The curved end is where the track falls down from the base level – 3″ high – down to the fiddle yard at 1″ . The 3″ height is required because of the size of the Cobalt IP motors. The 1″ height is OK for the fiddle yard as the points are going to be operated by wire in tube.

The drop down for 3″ to 1″had to be carefully built. First off, I had to cut a length of foam core 3″ high to support the main end. This had to have vertical cuts 1″ apart the were made part way through the board so that it could be bent around the curve of the upper board. Then I had to cut two strips that would support the surface from the top to the bottom.To make it secure and firm I had to put lots of supporting strips to make sure that it didn’t droop. The final operation look like this.


The final result, ready for track laying meets the requirement of the plan.



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