The Journey Begins

Having spent most of my life thinking about or building US Outline model railroads, I have taken the brave decision, in my 70s, to convert to British N Gauge. I did this thinking that I would get more railway for the space that I had and that the costs would be lower. Well, the first is true but my bank account is being severely damaged building up track, locos, wagons and coaches.

My first action was to build a small layout – just 4′ x 1′ – to see how it went, whilst keeping my current HO layout. This was intended to be a starter and I was planning to develop it on its own to get the techniques right. Well, that went by the by and I decided that it would become a feeder branch to a bigger terminus and that the HO layout had to go.

The HO layout is no more and most of the stock has been sold on EBay. I am slowly getting some funds back from this effort but it is still requiring that I invest more. Never mind, I am retired and I can afford it so – let’s get on with it.

Pennvale Sands is the chosen name for the terminus. This comes from the beginning of our surname and the first letters of my wife’s name. Sands comes from the area it is supposed to exist in – The top north west of the country up by the Lake District so I used Grange-Over-Sands as a base to the name. The branch terminus will be called Ellerby – after a lady who left some money in a will and I turned out to be a beneficiary.

OK, so what will it look like. I have used a program called Anyrail to design this and have had it discussed on the Model Rail forum to ensure that it is as good as I can get it. There is one final change not shown here.I have taken away the turntable following my move from a late 50’s steam environment to a mid-60’s diesel set up so the turntable area will be changed into a two track diesel depot.

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 16.32.49

Right. That’s enough for now. I will get back later with more about the layout and the stock.


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